Lee West

Lee West is a well acclaimed Didgeridoo Player, Dancer, Choreographer and Musician. He has performed at various openings, functions, festivals and schools with his group “Common ground – Aboriginal Contemporary Dance Group”. Lee has travelled internationally just recently returning from the UK surprising international audiences with his musical talents. Lee has performed in Malaysia at Kota Kinabalu. Lee West regularly performs at the South Perth Civic Centre for the Australia Day Citizenship ceremonies and also at the River Retreat Art Gallery in the Swan Valley. Lee has also performed at the Spirit of the Horse with his dance group “Common Ground” Biruk Yeedee Mooditj Dreaming Festival, Abmusic’s 20th Anniversary, the 2007 WAM Indigenous Awards as well as numerous welcoming ceremonies for visiting politicians.

The performance consists of dance, music and story telling. Permission from the elders of the North and South of Western Australia has been given. Audience participation is encouraged which leads to education through entertainment. People get to dance, try the didgeridoo and learn about the Aboriginal way of life and language. Some of the dances involve drama; the acting out of old stories and practices.

Involving the audience breaks down barriers and opens new doors and opens eyes to a new world.

Being proud of his culture gives Lee West and group “Common Ground” a zest for performing and sharing, not only bridging gaps between cultures, but giving people a sense of belonging and an insight to their own culture.