Hello All! 

Abmusic will NOW be opening up the College for Personal Tours! 

If you’re interested in what Abmusic has to offer or what training facilities we have for our courses, please give us a call or email us and we would be more than happy to book a date for you to come down and check out what Abmusic is all about! 

Once you have seen what Abmusic has to offer and are interested in any of the course we can give you some information along the way and even enrol you the same day. 

At the moment, 

We have our Leadership 1 – Music, open for enrolments. Our Leadership students are currently learning guitar and Piano (Keyboard)! 

We also have our Cert III Electronic Music Production (Hip-Hop), open for enrolments and filling up very quick! So be sure to come down as SOON as you can. 

Anyone that’s interested in learning guitar, piano (keyboard) or wanting to join our EMP Hip-Hop course can feel free to call or email us for any extra information or an enrolment date at: 

PH: 9458 9077 

Email: vicki@abmusic.org.au